Rob Aspey (Director) studied film at University in England and began his career working for the BBC British Short Film Festival in 1996. He has directed many short films, documentaries and a full-length feature film that was selected by the Raindance Film Festival in London. He has also worked as a freelance cameraman and has experience of shooting over forty short films and documentaries. Over the last few years, he has been directing projects exclusively in Asia.


Alexander Haase (Producer) was born and grew up in Berlin. He is a business administrator and also holds a University degree in Asian Studies. He gained his rich experiences from intercultural communication in South Africa and Asia. He speaks Chinese and English and has been working in media production in Beijing over the last two years.

Robin and Alexander joined up as a director/producer team in 2005.


Barbara Pasquale (Italy)
Wan Ho Got (Germany)
Nu Nu Wang (USA)

Editor (Trailer):
Simon Lee (England)

Tyra Dempster (Scotland)
Nicole B
lhoff (Germany)

Fernando Fidanza / (Italy)
Wan Xiao Li / Thirteen Months Records (China)

Production Assistant
Dai Yue Rong (China)


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