Feng Jia Wei
He is five years old and is unable to speak on arriving at Stars and Rain. He is very uncooperative and violent.

Feng Lei
He is Feng Jia Wei¡äs father. He had a promising career in I.T. before he had to give up his job. He feels his family has been ostracized by their community.

Hao Yue Chun
She is Feng Jia Wei¡äs mother. Her dream of a career in fashion has also been curtailed owing to her need to care for her son. Her biggest wish is that more people in China understand autism.

Tian Hui Ping
She was one of Chinas first exchange students to Germany and had a bright future ahead until her own son was diagnosed as autistic in 1989. She founded ¡°Stars and Rain¡± in 1993.

Feng Yun Hong
She is the teacher of Feng Jia Wei's class. She joined Stars and Rain in 2002 and is now one of its most experienced teachers.

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